UK Unveils Revolutionary DragonFire Military Laser, Says Defense Ministry

On Friday, the United Kingdom’s Defense Ministry unveiled its latest military innovation, the DragonFire laser. This marks the UK’s inaugural use of a high-powered laser weapon against aerial targets.

The ministry highlighted the laser’s capabilities, stating, “DragonFire leverages UK technology to deliver a high-power laser over substantial distances, requiring precision equivalent to hitting a £1 coin from a kilometer away.”

Seen as a cost-effective alternative to certain missile tasks, each shot from the laser costs merely £10 (approximately $12.68). The ministry confirmed that both the Army and Royal Navy are exploring the integration of this technology into their future Air Defense capabilities.

A total investment of £100 million has been dedicated by the UK for the development of the laser.

Experts are Commenting on the New Innovation

Defense Secretary Grant Shapps stated, “This cutting-edge weaponry has the potential to revolutionize the battlespace by decreasing the dependence on costly ammunition and reducing the risk of collateral damage. Investments in advanced technologies like DragonFire, alongside our industry partners, are vital in a world marked by high competition, ensuring we sustain a decisive advantage in battle and safeguard the nation.”

Dr. Paul Hollinshead, Chief Executive of the ‘Defence Science and Technology (DST) organization and Strategic Programmes, commented, “Through these trials, we have significantly advanced in grasping the potential advantages and comprehending the threats associated with directed energy weapons. Leveraging our extensive knowledge, skills, and operational experience spanning decades, Dstl’s expertise plays a crucial role in assisting the armed forces in preparing for future challenges.”

Behind the Scene of Heightening of International Tensions

The announcement came just a day after NATO revealed plans for its largest-ever military exercise involving 90,000 soldiers.

While NATO did not explicitly mention Russia in its announcement, its primary strategic document identifies Russia as the most significant and directs threat to the security of NATO members, as reported by Reuters.

Simultaneously, the United Kingdom, in collaboration with the United States, has been actively participating in airstrikes against Iran-backed Houthi terrorists.

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