Texas Megachurch Female Shooter Has a Mention “Free Palestine” on her AR-15

In the recent incident at a Texas megachurch on Sunday afternoon, media reports from the last 24 hours have disclosed that the female perpetrator, who opened fire, had the phrase ‘Free Palestine’ written on her AR-15.

Adding to the alarming nature of the situation, the assailant made a false statement claiming the possession of a bomb. However, this assertion was later debunked when the Houston police chief confirmed that no explosives were found during the thorough search of the woman’s backpack and car. The incident underscores the complexities and potential motivations behind such violent acts, as authorities work to gather more information about the perpetrator and the circumstances surrounding the attack.

Fox News has identified the individual responsible for the shooting as Genesse Ivonne Moreno, a transgender woman. Born in El Salvador, the source reports that Moreno has an extensive criminal history. The revelation sheds light on the background of the shooter, contributing to a broader understanding of the circumstances surrounding the incident at the Texas megachurch on Sunday afternoon.

According to CNN, it has been reported that the woman involved in the Texas megachurch shooting incident sprayed an unspecified substance onto the ground before she was shot.

During a press conference, the fire chief provided reassurance, stating, “At this moment, I can affirm that we have not found anything posing a threat to our community or this area. However, we will take the necessary time to thoroughly examine every aspect.” This emphasizes the ongoing efforts to comprehensively investigate the incident and ensure the safety of the community, highlighting the meticulous approach being taken by authorities in assessing all relevant details surrounding the shooting.

The woman involved in the Texas megachurch incident was fatally shot by law enforcement while accompanied by a young child, whose relationship to the shooter is currently unknown. The child is in critical condition in the hospital after sustaining gunshot wounds.

Wearing a trench coat and carrying a backpack, the shooter arrived at the church around 2 pm, as reported by CNN. Fortunately, the prompt response of two law enforcement officials swiftly neutralized the woman, preventing further harm.

As of the latest information, there have been no reported deaths resulting from the incident, except for the shooter. Another individual was injured, having suffered a gunshot wound to the leg and subsequently receiving treatment at a local hospital.

Details regarding the potential motive behind the shooter’s actions have not been shared by authorities at this time. The incident remains under investigation as law enforcement works to piece together the circumstances surrounding this unsettling event.

Religious Angle to the Incident

 Megachurch representative Pastor Joel Osteen shared with the media, “We don’t comprehend why these occurrences take place, but we acknowledge that God is in control” in reference to the incident.

A witness informed ABC 13 that she heard gunshots originating from the choir room, causing a state of panic among churchgoers.

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