On the 100th day of the Gaza war, global cycling events will be organized to advocate for the return of hostages.

In commemoration of the 100th day since the October 7 attacks and the abduction of numerous individuals to Gaza, the Israeli professional cycling team Israel – Premier Tech, The Hostage and Missing Families Forum, and the Israeli Cycling Federation are organizing a global solidarity ride.

Cycling activities are scheduled in Barcelona, Paris, London, Melbourne, Los Angeles, and various other locations. Cyclists worldwide are urged to participate in a ride on January 14, adorning their bikes with a yellow ribbon as a symbol of solidarity. Participants are also encouraged to share a video on social media using the hashtag #RideToBringThemHomeNow.

Four-time Tour de France champion Chris Froome is endorsing the initiative, urging his millions of fans and the global cycling community to attach a yellow ribbon to their bikes. He encourages them to dedicate their ride on January 14 to advocating for the release of hostages still held in Gaza.

Expressing his concern, Froome, who rides for Israel – Premier Tech, emphasized, “As a human being, as a father myself – I cannot stand idly by.” He shared that the story of the Kalderon family, particularly the abduction of father Ofer and 12-year-old son Erez, both cyclists, on October 7, moved him to take action. While Erez was released after 51 days in captivity, his father is still held by Hamas. Froome hopes that this display of support will contribute to bringing them closer to returning home.

Families of hostages are set to participate in the main event in Israel.

The primary cycling event will be held at the Velodrome in Israel, where 133 family members of hostages and cyclists from the Israeli cycling community, each representing one of the hostages, will encircle the stadium.

Sylvan Adams, the owner of the Israel – Premier Tech team, remarked, “Our freedom ride highlights our values of sportsmanship and fairness in contrast to the brutality of Hamas. I hope that a substantial number of people globally join us in this ride for freedom. Am Yisrael Chai.”

The mother of former hostage Erez Kalderon expressed gratitude to Froome and the Israel – Premier Tech team for their support, as her husband is still being held captive in Gaza.

“This display of support is tremendously significant. Erez deserves to be reunited with his father, to enjoy the simple pleasure of riding together like any father and son,” she stated. “He is eagerly waiting for that moment, and time is of the essence. Every passing moment is crucial for him and the other hostages held by Hamas.”

The daughter of 57-year-old cyclist Ran Benjamin, who was taken hostage during a bike ride on October 7, will be present at the event. Shai, Benjamin’s daughter, shared, “Since October 7, I haven’t experienced a day or night without enduring a continuous nightmare.

Everything haunts me – thoughts of what they are enduring there, how he manages to survive. How can I rest when I have no idea if my father can sleep at all? When I have a meal, I am tormented by the question of whether he is hungry there. And why should I be warm under a blanket when he might be cold?”

Shai expressed hope that the international cycling event would generate support from a public that could empathize with her father’s fate and story.

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