US Calls for Restraint Amid Rising Tensions Between Ally Iran and Pakistan

A spokesperson from the State Department affirmed that Pakistan retains its status as a significant non-NATO ally of the United States. However, the spokesperson emphasized the need for restraint in the current situation.

US officials refrained from committing to military assistance for Pakistan, their ally, following a retaliatory strike by the Pakistani military in Iran on Thursday.

During a news briefing on Thursday, Matthew Miller, the spokesperson for the State Department, emphasized the importance of preventing any escalation in tensions between Pakistan and Iran.

“Pakistan holds the status of a major non-NATO ally of the United States, and that status will persist. However, we strongly encourage restraint in this situation,” Miller stated. “Our objective is to avoid any escalation, as we believe there is no necessity for it.”

Miller refrained from providing comments on any discussions that may have taken place between the United States and Pakistan preceding the retaliatory attack on Iran.

Addressing the issue during the briefing, Miller clarified that the tensions between Iran and Pakistan were unrelated to the ongoing conflict in Gaza. However, he acknowledged the heightened tensions in the region, indicating a potential risk of increased conflict.

Kirby Labels Iran’s Strike as ‘Another Example of Destabilizing Behavior

According to Miller, the United States has consistently conveyed a clear message to Iran, expressing the desire to prevent the escalation of a broader conflict.

This sentiment was reiterated by White House National Security spokesman John Kirby, emphasizing that the United States is committed to avoiding any escalation of armed conflict in the region.

“I’d like to defer to Pakistan for any comments on their military operations; I want to be cautious about that,” Kirby expressed. “As you’re aware, they were initially targeted by Iran, marking yet another reckless attack and underscoring Iran’s destabilizing conduct in the region.”

Regarding the United States’ stance on supporting Pakistan, Kirby stated that he currently lacked an update on the matter.

In response to the Taliban’s call for peace between Iran and Pakistan, Kirby remarked that for the Taliban to gain credibility on the global stage, they must fulfill their commitments to adhere to international law.

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