United States Imposes Sanctions on Russian Cargo Company for Transporting North Korean Missiles

Earlier this month, Russia deployed missiles from North Korea in an attack on Ukraine, targeting the city of Kharkiv on January 2.

On Thursday, the US State Department imposed sanctions on three Russian entities and an individual due to their involvement in facilitating the transfer of North Korea’s ballistic missiles to Russia or their utilization in testing, specifically targeting Ukraine.

One of the sanctioned entities, known as 224th Flight Unit State Airlines, is a state-owned company engaged in commercial air cargo transport and was initially a part of Russia’s Air Force. According to the State Department, two aircraft linked to this company played a role in the transportation of North Korean weapons.

The sanctions targeted Vladimir Vladimirovich Mikheychik, the General Director of the aforementioned company. Additionally, a Russian military facility and a missile testing range were also subjected to the imposed sanctions by the State Department.

Earlier this month, Russia employed North Korean missiles in an attack on Ukraine, launching multiple missiles at the city of Kharkiv on January 2. The transfer of arms drew condemnation from the US and its allies, expressing profound concern about the security implications of this collaboration in Europe, on the Korean Peninsula, across the Indo-Pacific region, and globally.

It’s Not Only The Conflict That North Korea Has In Their Hands

In recent weeks, North Korea has raised concerns on the Korean peninsula by conducting military drills that involve live fire. The situation became serious enough for South Korea to advise certain residents to seek shelter. Additionally, South Korea’s intelligence agency confirmed on Monday that weapons manufactured in North Korea are being used by Hamas in their conflict against the IDF in Gaza.

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