Two Houthi Anti-Ship Missiles Were Targeted and Destroyed in Yemen by US Military

Early on Wednesday, the US military conducted additional airstrikes in Yemen, destroying two Houthi anti-ship missiles aimed at the Red Sea and in the preparation phase for launch, according to a statement from the US military.

These strikes, occurring around 2:30 a.m. (2330 GMT), are part of the ongoing efforts against the Iran-backed Houthi group due to their continued targeting of Red Sea shipping. The recent airstrikes followed a larger round of attacks carried out the day before.

The Houthis, controlling the most populous areas of Yemen, claim their attacks are in solidarity with Palestinians during the Israel-Gaza conflict. The repercussions of these actions have not only disrupted global shipping but also heightened concerns about the potential destabilization of the Middle East resulting from the Israel-Hamas war.

Statement of US Military on the Air Strike

According to a statement from the US military’s Central Command, US forces detected the missiles in areas controlled by the Houthi rebels in Yemen. The assessment concluded that these missiles posed an imminent threat to both merchant vessels and US Navy ships in the region.

In response to the perceived threat, US forces took defensive action and conducted strikes, successfully destroying the identified missiles.

Since commencing airstrikes on Houthi military sites in Yemen on January 11, the Pentagon reports significant achievements. They claim to have either destroyed or significantly impaired more than 25 missile launch and deployment facilities, along with over 20 missiles.

Additionally, the Pentagon asserts successful strikes against drones, coastal radar installations, Houthi air surveillance capabilities, and weapon storage locations as part of their ongoing operations.

During a news briefing on Tuesday, Major General Patrick Ryder, spokesperson for the Pentagon, emphasized their focused approach on targeting elements used by the Houthi rebels for attacks on international shipping and mariners. He highlighted the impact of recent strikes, noting that the last Houthi attack occurred on January 18.

Ryder indicated that the military has undertaken self-defense strikes in response to imminent threats or anticipated launches since the aforementioned date.

Experts suggest that President Biden’s evolving strategy concerning Yemen aims to weaken the Houthi insurgents but falls short of attempting their outright defeat or engaging in direct confrontation with Iran, the primary sponsor of the Houthis. This strategy involves a combination of limited military strikes and sanctions, intending to penalize the Houthis while mitigating the risk of a broader conflict in the Middle East.

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