Pro-Palestinian Protesters Descend on the White House in Massive Rally

Thousands of pro-Palestinian demonstrators gathered at the White House on Saturday, marking the 100th day since the October 7 massacre attributed to Hamas. The protesters expressed condemnation for President Joe Biden’s support of Israel and attempted to dismantle a supporting fence.

Video footage, as reported by the Daily Mail and the New York Post, captured the crowd vigorously shaking the fence, causing a section of it to partially dislodge. Meanwhile, a contingent of Secret Service and police personnel worked to prevent the protesters from breaching the grounds.

According to The Post, some protesters threw water bottles and sticks, broken off from their Palestinian flags, at the officers. Additionally, there were attempts by some demonstrators to climb over the fence.

As reported by The Post, protesters vociferously chanted slogans such as “f**k Joe Biden,” while one sign boldly declared, “Biden has blood on his hands.”

According to Reuters, the crowd urged President Biden to halt the supply of weapons to Israel. They echoed their sentiments through chants of “Free Palestine,” “Ceasefire Now,” and the familiar slogan, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”

Joe Biden Accused for Supporting Genocide

According to The Mail, protesters took their demonstration to an intense level by throwing bloodied dolls into the White House premises, prompting the evacuation of White House personnel and journalists. As a precautionary measure, non-essential personnel were cleared from the area, as confirmed by the Secret Service.

Furthermore, The Mail noted that the crowd not only expressed vocal support for South Africa but also showcased it through the sale of South African flags. This demonstration of solidarity followed South Africa’s accusation of genocide against Israel at the International Criminal Court.

The rally also served as a platform for relatives of deceased Gazans to share their stories. The event was synchronized with protests worldwide, including those in London, Paris, Johannesburg, Rome, and Dublin, as highlighted by The Mail.

Adam Abosherieah, one of the speakers, recounted the devastating impact on his family, with over 100 members, including his 83-year-old father, mother, and brother, falling victim to Israeli airstrikes. Abosherieah, a pharmacist from New Jersey, urged President Biden to intervene, stating, “President Biden can easily put a stop to this genocide. He can easily get the phone and call Israel to stop this nonsense.” Other speakers, like Randa Muhtaseb and Alaa Hussein Ali, shared their personal losses, with Muhtaseb losing 36 family members in Gaza and Ali expressing the tragic toll of over 100 relatives killed in Israeli attacks. While Reuters could not independently verify these figures, Israel has asserted that the conflict with Hamas would cease if Hamas releases the 136 hostages it holds since the reported massacre of around 1,200 individuals, mostly civilians, on October 7.

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