Principal Succumbs to Injuries from Iowa School Shooting

The community of a small Iowa town mourns the loss of Dan Marburger, the dedicated principal of Perry High School since 1995. Tragically, he succumbed to the serious injuries sustained during a campus shooting on January 4.

Marburger, valiantly assisting students and staff in the aftermath of the incident, had been wounded by a 17-year-old student who opened fire, resulting in the tragic death of a sixth-grader and injuries to five individuals, including Marburger himself. His family confirmed his passing on Sunday. The impact of this incident is deeply felt, and the community reflects on the loss of a committed and caring educational leader.

The Hero Finally Rests

“Ten days after the incident, he succumbed to his injuries, and this heartbreaking tragedy claimed his life,” states the GoFundMe page established to support his family with medical expenses in the aftermath of the shooting. The message continues, “The selflessness of Mr. Marburger will leave an enduring impact on the Marburger family and the entire Perry Community.”

The suspect in this unfortunate event, identified as a student from the high school, was tragically found deceased, with authorities indicating that the cause of death was likely a self-inflicted gunshot wound as determined by responding officers.

The distressing Iowa shooting unfolded on the first day of classes for the district in 2024, underscoring a pervasive and concerning national trend of gun violence within the confines of U.S. schools! This alarming pattern has intensified over recent years, raising significant concerns and prompting calls for comprehensive solutions.

Perry, a close-knit community with approximately 7,900 residents, bears the weight of this incident. Positioned about 40 miles northwest of Des Moines, the state’s capital, the town is grappling with the repercussions of the tragedy. Notably, the middle and high schools in Perry share a common campus, emphasizing the close connection between these educational institutions in the community. The impact of such events reverberates beyond the immediate incident, affecting the collective well-being of the town’s residents.

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