Metropolitan Police Officer Wears “Boycott Israel Apartheid” Sticker at Pro-Palestinian Protest: Met Issues Statement

A photograph capturing a Metropolitan Police Officer donning a “Boycott Israel Apartheid” sticker during Saturday’s pro-Palestinian protest has circulated widely online. The Metropolitan Police has responded with a statement, asserting that the sticker was affixed to the officer without their knowledge or consent.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Matt Ward addressed the incident in a statement posted on X, stating, “We have spoken to the officer and his colleagues.”

Ward further highlighted that the online discussions surrounding the incident had a profound impact on the officer, leaving them “shaken.”

Expressing his sentiments on the matter, Deputy Assistant Commissioner Matt Ward conveyed his disappointment, stating, “I am disappointed when officers undertaking their public duties are subject to such disrespectful behavior, both in person and online.”

What were the Reactions to the Incident?

The recent sticker incident adds to a string of controversies surrounding the weekly pro-Palestinian protests. Previous demonstrations, labeled as “hate marches” by former Home Secretary Suella Braverman, witnessed various offenses, including the launching of fireworks at officers.

Gary Mond, Chairman of the National Jewish Assembly, commented on the incident when speaking to The Jerusalem Post. He emphasized, “It is important to appreciate that an incident like this undermines the trust and confidence of the Jewish community in our police force.”

In addressing the impact of the protests on the relationship between the Jewish community and the police, Gary Mond expressed a concern that many Jews harbor. He indicated that there’s a perception among some in the Jewish community that police reactions to incidents of Jew hatred fall short compared to their responses to anti-Muslim or anti-Black sentiments. According to Mond, this perceived imbalance was further affirmed by what he sees as inadequate police responses to blatant antisemitism witnessed during the marches.

Furthermore, the Campaign Against Antisemitism highlighted the incident on X, emphasizing a growing contempt for the police among anti-Israel marchers. They pointed out that this disdain has escalated to the point where slogans are being affixed to unsuspecting police officers, underscoring the intensifying tensions and challenges faced by law enforcement during these protests. These perspectives shed light on the complex dynamics at play, involving both public perceptions and the challenges faced by the police in managing contentious demonstrations.

In the course of the anti-Israel march held yesterday, a Metropolitan Police officer found himself at the center of controversy as he was photographed with a conspicuous “Boycott Israeli Apartheid” sticker affixed to his arm. Following concerns raised about the incident, an inquiry was initiated, prompting the Metropolitan Police to conduct an investigation.

The subsequent statement from the Metropolitan Police confirmed that the controversial sticker had been placed on the officer by one of the march participants, and notably, the officer had not been aware of it at the time. This revelation adds complexity to the situation, raising questions about the dynamics between law enforcement and protesters during such events, and the challenges officers may face in maintaining control over their appearance and symbolism during contentious demonstrations.

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