King Abdullah Condemns Israel’s ‘Brutal’ War, Warns of Generation of Gaza Orphans

On Monday, Jordan’s King Abdullah criticized Israel, stating that its “brutal” war in Gaza had produced a generation of orphans. He claimed that over 30,000 individuals, predominantly women and children, had either been killed or were missing due to the conflict.

During his speech at the Kigali Genocide Memorial in Rwanda, King Abdullah discussed the “unspeakable crimes” of the African conflict. Emphasizing the lesson to be learned, he expressed that Israel’s “indiscriminate aggression” in Gaza would not ensure its security. His comments, reported by state media following a statement from the royal palace, highlighted the devastating impact on Gaza’s children. Abdullah noted that more children had lost their lives in Gaza than in all other global conflicts in the past year. Many of those who survived were left as orphans, creating an entire generation grappling with the aftermath.

Abdullah questioned the effectiveness of Israel’s war against the terrorist group Hamas, asking how indiscriminate aggression and shelling, rooted in hatred, could contribute to peace and guarantee security.

King Abdullah’s Meaningful Visit to Rwanda: Reflections on Reconciliation and Combating Conflict

After touring the Rwandan Genocide Memorial site and leaving comments on a visitors’ list, the monarch received briefings on exhibits depicting the horrors of the 1994 killings.

Reflecting on Rwanda’s experience, he emphasized the need to combat dehumanizing rhetoric that sparks conflict. In televised remarks, he praised Rwanda’s story as a beacon for everyone, showcasing how the nation took action post the unspeakable crime, worked towards reconciliation, and prevented the recurrence of genocide by healing old wounds.

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