Islamabad Provides Proof of Indian Agents’ Involvement in Killings of Pakistanis

On Thursday, Pakistan’s foreign secretary, Muhammad Syrus Qazi, asserted the existence of credible evidence linking Indian agents to the murders of two Pakistani citizens on Pakistani soil. Qazi informed reporters that the killings were orchestrated by a “sophisticated international set-up” operating across various locations. He emphasized the presence of documentary, financial, and forensic evidence pointing to the involvement of two Indian agents who were identified as the masterminds behind these assassinations.

What India Said?

India’s foreign ministry has dismissed the accusation as an endeavor by Pakistan to propagate “false and malicious anti-India propaganda.”

Qazi highlighted that the method of assassination bore similarities to attempts carried out in Canada, the United States, and various other countries.

The purported Indian network involved in “extra-judicial and extra-territorial killings” has now been characterized as a global phenomenon, according to Qazi.

These allegations from Pakistan emerge several months after both Canada and the United States independently accused Indian agents of being associated with assassination attempts on their respective soils.

While India has refuted the allegations from Ottawa, it has initiated an investigation into the accusations made by the United States.

Pakistan’s claims surface several months following separate accusations by both Canada and the United States, asserting the involvement of Indian agents in attempted assassinations on their territories.

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