Iran Has Successfully Developed A Cutting-Edge Attack Drone For Use By Russia.

According to a reliable security source, as reported by Sky News on Wednesday, Iran has successfully developed a new assault drone named the Shahed-107, intended for use by Russia in its ongoing conflict with Ukraine. Additionally, there are indications that Iran is in the final stages of supplying Moscow with surface-to-surface missiles.

The Shahed-107 is described as an advanced UAV equipped for both explosive and reconnaissance purposes. Its cutting-edge technology enables it to identify and target high-value assets on the battlefield, specifically pinpointing British and American multiple-launch rocket systems utilized by Ukrainian military forces.

Sources suggest that Iran has completed the sale of “a few units” of the Shahed-107 to Russia, and the overall value of this transaction is estimated to exceed $2 million.

Ukraine and its allies have leveled accusations against Tehran, alleging that it has been providing Russia with single-use attack drones, namely the Shahed-131 and Shahed-136, commonly dubbed “suicide drones” due to their operational method of flying directly into targets and detonating upon impact.

Throughout its conflict with Ukraine, Russia has employed a strategic combination of drone and missile strikes to effectively breach Ukrainian air defenses. Sky News has highlighted the escalating intensity of these coordinated attacks, targeting both civilian and military sites across the country.

Belonging to the Shahed-101 family of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), the new drone stands out with its unique V-shaped tail design. Measuring at two and a half meters in length and boasting a three-meter wingspan, this UAV possesses an impressive range of up to 1,500 km, making it deployable from various vehicles.

According to information from a security source, the UAV is equipped with a live-streaming transmitter for video, enhancing its ability to identify targets along Ukraine’s front line. This capability enables it to collaborate with other UAVs or weapon systems to effectively strike designated targets.

Despite attempts to gather comments, the Russian Defense Ministry has not provided a response to inquiries on the matter.

Iran’s military technology is progressing swiftly.

In September 2023, Iran’s president, while attending the UN General Assembly in New York, refuted allegations of sending weaponry or drones to Russia for involvement in the Ukrainian conflict, emphasizing Iran’s stance against the war in Ukraine.

Sky News uncovered an arms contract that provided concrete evidence of Iran supplying ammunition to Russia for its military operations. Ukrainian authorities have expressed apprehension regarding the emergence of a new drone, as Russia continues to upgrade Iranian drones, compelling Ukraine to invest in more expensive air-defense systems, according to a Ukrainian source.

The source disclosed that Russia has gained the capability to independently assemble the Iranian Shahed-126 system at a facility located 500 miles east of Moscow. The projected manufacturing capacity by September 2025 is estimated to be around 4,000 units per year.

In addition to drone development, there are reports suggesting Iran is on the verge of supplying ballistic missiles to Russia, surpassing the lethal capabilities of the drones. These missiles, with a range exceeding 300 km, pose a significant threat, as they could accurately target locations throughout Ukraine. The report indicates that only Ukraine’s limited supply of US-provided Patriot air-defense missiles, with their constrained range, would be capable of intercepting these ballistic missiles, highlighting the potential for substantial damage across Ukraine.

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