Houthi Forces Target US-Owned Container Ship with No Injuries & Confirms US Cent com

On Monday, US Central Command reported that Houthi forces in Yemen targeted the M/V Gibraltar Eagle, a container ship owned and operated by the United States, using an anti-ship ballistic missile. Fortunately, there were no reported injuries or significant damage resulting from the attack.

The incident occurred when the dry bulk vessel Gibraltar Eagle was sailing approximately 100 miles off the Gulf of Aden. The vessel was struck by an “unidentified projectile,” causing limited damage to its cargo hold, according to Eagle Bulk Shipping, the US-based operator of the ship. Despite the impact, the vessel remains stable, and it is currently navigating out of the affected area, as stated in the official announcement by Eagle Bulk Shipping.

Fortunately, all seafarers aboard the vessel are confirmed to be unharmed. The cargo on the ship consists of steel products.

The Iran-backed Houthis, who dominate most of Yemen’s Red Sea coast, have been targeting commercial vessels in the region, claiming connections to Israel or routes heading to Israeli ports. They assert that these actions are aimed at supporting the Palestinians in the ongoing conflict and showing solidarity with Hamas in Gaza.

Threats of Airstrike Against Houthi

Last week, in response to the situation, both US and British forces conducted numerous air and sea strikes on Houthi targets in Yemen.

Earlier on the same day, Ambrey, a British Maritime Security firm, reported that a bulk carrier with a Marshall Islands flag, owned by the US, was allegedly hit by a missile while passing through the vicinity of Yemen’s port of Aden.

The UK Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) agency reported that a missile struck a vessel from above, approximately 95 nautical miles southeast of Aden. The agency did not specify the vessel involved.

According to Ambrey, three missiles were allegedly launched by the Houthis, with two failing to reach the sea and the third hitting a bulk carrier. The impact reportedly led to a fire in one of the holds, but the vessel remained operational, and no injuries were reported.

Ambrey clarified that the targeted vessel was not affiliated with Israel. They suggested that the attack was in response to recent strikes on Houthi military positions, potentially targeting US interests.

On Monday, residents near Yemen’s Hodeidah airport reported an explosion, although Hodeidah is considerably distant from Aden. The cause of the blast remained unclear.

The Houthis, holding control over Sanaa and much of western and northern Yemen, declared their intent to persist with Red Sea attacks following the US and British strikes. Abdel-Malek al-Houthi, the group’s leader, emphasized in a televised speech that any US aggression toward Yemen would not go unanswered.

In a separate incident, the US military reported on Sunday that a US fighter jet successfully intercepted and downed an anti-ship cruise missile fired by the Houthis toward the USS Laboon in the southern Red Sea.

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