Hamas Plot: Global Attacks with Drones and Street Gangs Unveiled

Israeli intelligence agencies, in coordination with their European counterparts, have disclosed joint efforts to counter Hamas activities in Europe, as communicated through the Prime Minister’s Office on Saturday evening.

Hamas, collaborating with criminal entities, has been involved in the acquisition of drones for planned attacks spanning Europe and the Middle East, under directives from senior Hamas leadership.

In a significant development, security services and police in Denmark and Germany announced in December the apprehension of an extensive network of Hamas operatives in Europe. Legal proceedings have since been initiated against those individuals taken into custody.

Additional arrests were made earlier this week in Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Detailed information about the recent arrests in Europe is limited due to the ongoing legal proceedings in the respective countries.

European Terrorists & Street Gangs 

The recent killing of Saleh Arouri earlier this month is believed to be connected to the series of arrests. Allegations suggest his involvement in orchestrating operations across Europe and the Middle East. The airstrike that took Arouri’s life also claimed the lives of two other senior Hamas commanders, Samir Fandi and Azzam Akre.

Akre, who previously commanded Khalil al-Kharaz, the former deputy commander of Hamas forces in Lebanon, was assassinated in November. Kharaz, in charge of Hamas cells operating in Europe, played a role in coordinating the purchase of drones for planned attacks, the same cells that were later arrested by European security services.

Kharaz is said to have established ties with a Danish street gang named “LTF – Loyal To Familia,” banned by Denmark in 2021. LTF is accused of working on behalf of Hamas in Europe, particularly in Denmark, Germany, and Sweden, with some members believed to be operating from Lebanon.

The strategy of using local criminal groups as a cover for terrorist activities aligns with the modus operandi of Iranian intelligence and terror operations, often employed to create plausible deniability.

The collaborative efforts between Israeli and global intelligence agencies have unveiled a comprehensive understanding of Hamas’s terrorist activities, providing insights into their actions and targeted attacks. The intelligence also identified the individuals involved in executing terror activities, ranging from Hamas commanders in Lebanon to the operatives at the grassroots level.

One noteworthy discovery was an alleged plot to attack the Israeli embassy in Sweden, requiring the acquisition of drones and collaboration with criminal organizations closely associated with Hamas in Europe.

According to a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office, Hamas draws inspiration from the terrorist activities of the Iranian regime, sharing the goal of targeting Israeli, Jewish, and Western interests at any cost. The Mossad, the Shin Bet, and the IDF, in collaboration with international security and enforcement entities, are committed to persistently thwarting the terrorist intentions of Hamas and other such organizations, ensuring the security of the State of Israel and the Jewish people worldwide.

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