Grieving Families Share Gaza Losses Amidst Washington Protests Urging Ceasefire

During his speech, Adam Abosherieah revealed a heartbreaking reality, sharing that more than a hundred of his family members, including his elderly 83-year-old father, mother, and brother, tragically lost their lives in airstrikes carried out by Israel.

Gathered in downtown Washington on Saturday, thousands of protesters heard heart-wrenching stories from the families of Palestinians who lost their lives in Israel’s military campaign in Gaza. Urging an immediate ceasefire, the demonstrators, in one of the largest pro-Palestinian gatherings in the US capital, reiterated their plea for President Joe Biden to halt the supply of arms to Israel. Amidst chants of “free Palestine” and “ceasefire now,” some echoed the phrase “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” a slogan that critics construe as advocating for the elimination of Israel.

In a poignant address, Adam Abosherieah, a pharmacist hailing from New Jersey and one of the speakers, conveyed the devastating toll of Israeli air strikes on his family. He shared that more than a hundred relatives, including his 83-year-old father, mother, and brother, have tragically lost their lives.

Expressing the ongoing anguish, Abosherieah revealed, “Dozens of my family members’ bodies remain buried under the rubble.” He passionately called on President Biden to intervene, stating, “President Biden has the power to halt this genocide. A simple phone call to Israel could put an end to this madness.”

Additional speakers featured in the event included Randa Muhtaseb, who recounted the tragic loss of 36 family members in Gaza, and Alaa Hussein Ali, who shared the distressing narrative of over 100 relatives falling victim to Israeli attacks.

It’s important to note that Reuters could not independently verify the accuracy of these figures.

Protesters, hailing from various parts of the country, converged in Washington on Saturday, voicing apprehensions about President Biden’s military support for Israel. Suhail Mustafa, a protester from Cleveland, emphatically stated, “We cannot tolerate this; we cannot allow our money to be used to murder children across the world.

While historically supportive of Israel, Biden has expressed growing concern over civilian casualties as the conflict persists. He previously characterized Israel’s bombing campaign as “indiscriminate” and revealed on Monday that he had been working “quietly” with the Israeli government to urge a reduction in attacks and a significant withdrawal from Gaza.

All Protestors are Dissatisfied with Biden’s Supports for Israel

Mohammed Kaiseruddin, 79, who traveled from Chicago to join the protest, held a sign declaring, “Freedom for Gaza and the West Bank.”

Expressing his disappointment, Kaiseruddin remarked, “The Biden administration has truly let everyone down.” Despite usually aligning with Democrats, he criticized the administration, stating, “They seem to have lost their sense of humanity.

Another protester, Judy Johnson, revealed that she had resigned from the Democratic Party due to its support for the US military’s backing of Israel. However, she clarified that she would still cast her vote for Democrats in the upcoming November US presidential elections if the choice was between Biden and the Republican rival, former President Donald Trump.

“I don’t think people see an alternative to Trump, so they’ll vote for Biden,” remarked Johnson.

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