Explosion Near Kherson Synagogue: Shrapnel Damages Building

Over the weekend, a Russian missile detonated in close proximity to the main synagogue in the Ukrainian city of Kherson, causing extensive damage to the already beleaguered building in a city enduring two years of persistent conflict. Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Wolf, the city’s rabbi and Chabad emissary, provided a vivid account of the aftermath in a statement on Sunday: “The synagogue’s courtyard is now strewn with shrapnel, and the walls bear countless scars from these fragments,” he detailed.

The recent incident adds to the ongoing upheaval caused by the war in Ukraine, with Jewish communities bearing a significant impact.

Providing a comprehensive account, Wolf highlighted the extent of the damage: “Upon the missile’s detonation in the air, approximately 8000 shrapnels were released, scattering in all directions.”

Throughout the War Kherson Remains the Primary Target

Kherson has borne the brunt of the devastating impact of the ongoing war. Just a fortnight ago, the city experienced one of the most intense missile barrages since the conflict commenced. Highlighting the persistent turmoil, Wolf expressed his sorrow, stating, “Our city has not experienced a single day of peace. What makes it particularly unique is the absence of a warning siren. The only alarm we have is the whistle of the missiles themselves.” 

In the past week, Ukraine reported that Russia initiated an overnight assault, deploying 33 drones and two missiles, out of which 22 drones were successfully intercepted by air defenses, as stated by the Ukrainian military on Thursday.

According to Ukraine’s Air Forces, the primary zones of attack were in the south and north. They communicated through the Telegram messaging app, revealing, “The Ukrainian Air Force and Defense Forces successfully neutralized 22 enemy drones. Additionally, several other drones failed to reach their intended targets.”

According to the Ukrainian military, Russian drones targeted residential areas in the southern city of Kherson, causing damage to several buildings and injuring a woman. Additionally, drones struck agribusiness facilities in the Beryslav community of the Kherson region.

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