EU Introduces Fresh Sanctions on Individuals Financing Hamas and Islamic Jihad

According to a report from Maariv on Friday, the European Union has implemented sanctions against six individuals for providing financial support to Hamas. The individuals facing sanctions include Sudanese businessman Abdel-Bast Hamza, Lebanese businessmen Nabil Shoman and his son Khaled, Lebanese businessman Rada Ali Hamis, Musa Dodin from Hamas’s political bureau, and Ayman Ahmed Al-Davik, a Jordanian businessman residing in Algeria who aids in managing Hamas’s investment portfolio.

Sanctions involve freezing the assets of the listed individuals, prohibiting the direct or indirect provision of funds or economic resources to them or for their benefit. Additionally, they are subject to a travel ban to the European Union.

Emergence Of A Fresh Framework For Ensuring Accountability Of Terrorists

The Council has introduced a new framework of restrictive measures to hold accountable any individual or entity supporting, facilitating, or enabling violent actions by Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ). This decision, as stated by Josep Borrell, the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, reflects the European Union’s commitment to taking decisive steps in response to the terrorist acts on October 7. The framework aims to address the brutality demonstrated by terrorists and underscores the EU’s dedication to fostering a just, lasting, and secure peace for both Israelis and Palestinians.

In response to the October 7 attacks on Israel and the imperative to combat violent extremism jeopardizing global peace and security, the decision to establish a new framework was made. The primary goal is to proactively prevent future acts of violence perpetrated by Hamas and PIJ.

This innovative framework operates in tandem with previously enacted restrictive measures against Hamas and PIJ, designating them on the ‘EU terrorist list.’ Notably, individual members of these groups have also been added to the list in recognition of their roles.

This new framework empowers the EU to target individuals supporting Hamas or the PIJ both materially and financially. It extends to those involved in planning, preparing, or enabling violent actions by these organizations.

Entities can be listed for activities such as supplying arms to these terrorist groups, supporting actions against the stability or security of Israel in collaboration with Hamas and the PIJ, engaging in serious violations of international humanitarian or human rights laws, and inciting violent actions by these organizations.

These sanctions will be in effect until January 19, 2025, subject to regular review. The Council may renew or amend the framework if it deems that the objectives have not been achieved.

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