Egyptian Ex-MP Accuses Hamas of Having Egypt’s Blood on Their Hands

Tawfik Okasha, a well-known Egyptian media personality and former Member of Parliament, didn’t mince words in his criticism of Hamas during an interview with KAN News on Tuesday. He expressed strong disapproval of their actions on October 7 and delved into the subsequent consequences.

Discussing the ongoing conflict and the events of October 7, Okasha expressed his condolences for every loss on both the Israeli and Palestinian sides. However, he made a clear distinction, stating that he does not mourn the deaths of Hamas personnel. Okasha categorizes Hamas as a terrorist organization that has taken advantage of the Palestinian issue for its gain. He accused the group of turning Egypt into a chaotic territory and emphasized that its hands are stained with the blood of Egypt, a sentiment he emphasized he won’t forget.

Continuing his critique, Okasha pointed out that Hamas has not only corrupted the Palestinian cause but has also thwarted opportunities for a two-state solution by rebelling against the Palestinian Authority in 2007. He argued that Hamas has capitalized on the unresolved Palestinian issue to the detriment of the Palestinian people, causing significant harm in the process.

In his critique, Okasha pointed out that Hamas orchestrated an attack on Israel on October 7, employing tactics and tools that, in his view, resembled those used by extremist groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda. He expressed concern that the people of Gaza are now bearing the repercussions of what he perceives as the misguided actions of Hamas.

Additionally, Okasha directed criticism towards Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, both for the ongoing conflict and his prolonged tenure in office. According to Okasha, Netanyahu bears a significant responsibility for the war, and he accused the Prime Minister of supporting Hamas. Okasha suggested that Netanyahu has strategically utilized the presence of Hamas to delay the implementation of a two-state solution, thereby contributing to the complexities of the Israel-Palestine issue.

Okasha Faced Repercussions In The Past Due To His Positive Associations With Israelis.

Tawfik Okasha, a prominent Egyptian media personality and former member of parliament, recounted an event from eight years ago when he was expelled from parliament. The expulsion was a consequence of his meeting with the then-Israeli ambassador to Egypt, Haim Koren.

In the interview, Okasha openly discussed the circumstances surrounding his expulsion and provided further context about his connections with Israeli ambassadors. Despite facing repercussions, Okasha expressed no regrets about extending an invitation to the former Israeli ambassador, Haim Koren, to his home. He characterized the meeting as positive and marked by mutual respect.

Highlighting the broader scope of his relationships, Okasha emphasized that Ambassador Koren is not his sole connection with Israelis. He revealed that he currently shares a friendship with the present Israeli ambassador in Egypt, Amira Oron, referring to her as a dear friend. This insight sheds light on Okasha’s diplomatic engagements and his willingness to foster connections with Israeli counterparts despite the political complexities surrounding such interactions in the region.

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