Egypt and China Emphasize Safeguarding Navigation Safety and Security in Red Sea in Joint Declaration

Egypt and China jointly declared their close monitoring of Red Sea developments, with a key focus on prioritizing the safety and security of navigation, according to a joint statement released on Sunday.

Expressing shared concern about the escalating conflict in the region, both nations underscored the significance of concerted efforts to halt attacks on Gaza, as highlighted in the statement.

Following a meeting with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, China’s foreign minister Wang Yi, during a press conference in Cairo, called for an end to attacks on civilian vessels in the Red Sea. Notably, he did not explicitly reference the Iran-backed Houthi militia, responsible for these maritime assaults.

China Confirms Their Escalations

Addressing the recent heightened tensions in the Red Sea, Wang expressed China’s deep concern, stating, “The situation in the Red Sea has escalated sharply recently.”

He further emphasized China’s call for an end to the harassment and attacks on civilian ships, emphasizing the importance of maintaining the uninterrupted flow of global industrial and supply chains, along with the preservation of the international trade order.

In a subtle critique of the airstrikes conducted by the United States and Britain on Houthi targets in Yemen, Wang pointed out that such actions lacked authorization from the United Nations Security Council.

He emphasized the need to refrain from exacerbating tensions in the Red Sea, urging against actions that could heighten the overall security risks in the region. Wang made these remarks without explicitly naming the United States and Britain.

Wang further highlighted the imperative for all parties to collaboratively uphold the safety of the Red Sea waterways in compliance with international law. He underscored the importance of respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of nations situated on both sides of the Red Sea, explicitly mentioning Yemen among them.

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