Bomb Threats and Flag Controversy Prompt London Primary School to Contemplate Closure

Barclay Primary School in East London faces the possibility of permanent closure following a series of bomb and arson threats, as reported by GB News on Friday. The Lion Academy Trust, overseeing the school, has alerted parents that if the threats persist, the school may be compelled to transition to remote learning.

The Lion Academy Trust emphasized that the implementation of remote learning is one of the measures being undertaken “to ensure the safety of the school for the well-being of both children and staff” in response to “appalling threats.”

On January 9, an unidentified individual reportedly made a series of racial slurs and a subsequent threat to carry out criminal damage, specifically arson, targeting the school and individual staff members, as disclosed to GB News by a knowledgeable source.

In response to these incidents, the school has stationed police outside its premises, as per the same source. Additionally, it has employed the services of a private security company, installed CCTV, and adopted various security measures to enhance safety.

The school became a focal point for protests after it requested parents not to send their children with flags, and it sent a letter to eight families urging them to discourage their children from making “extremist or divisive comments.”

During the protests, the school opted to close early for the Christmas break due to threats against the staff. According to the Evening Standard, before the break, individuals gained access to the school grounds and hung a Palestinian flag before quickly leaving.

A TikTok video alleging discrimination against an 8-year-old student of Palestinian descent went viral, prompting an investigation. The inquiry, however, found no evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the school.

What Staff Members Has to Say?

A staff member from Barclay Primary School expressed concerns to the Telegraph, stating, “The school is currently facing targeted actions from a group of parents advancing a political agenda and accusing the school of Islamophobia due to perceived non-compliance with the uniform policy.

“Staff members are experiencing intimidation, bullying, abuse, threats, and confrontations, all stemming from misinformation and manipulation of trust to serve a particular agenda. Personally, I am fearful for my safety and that of all staff members at the school.

“I chose to work here because it is recognized as one of the best in the country, and I highly value its commitment and hard work. The events unfolding are unacceptable for both the staff and children; no school should have to endure such circumstances.”

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