Advancement in Russian Talks for Purchase of Iranian Ballistic Missiles, says US!

The US suggests Russia is nearing the acquisition of Iranian ballistic missiles, following the recent launch of North Korean-made missiles into Ukraine. National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby stated during Thursday’s White House Press Briefing that Russian officials have met with Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps multiple times since February 2022.

Because of US Sanctions Russia is Isolating Increasingly

“We assess that Russia is looking to acquire missile systems from Iran,” stated Kirby. He couldn’t confirm how imminent the acquisition is but mentioned they haven’t witnessed a finalized deal for short-range ballistic missiles.

Kirby highlighted Russia’s increasing isolation on the global stage, partly due to sanctions and export controls, leading them to seek military equipment from like-minded states. Notably, North Korea supplied Russia with ballistic missile launchers and missiles.

Russia’s recent launches of North Korean-made missiles into Ukraine on December 30 and January 2 have prompted concerns. Kirby noted that the US and its allies plan to respond to Russia’s engagements with Iran and North Korea.

US Plans to Take Actions Against Russian for Such Activities!

“Firstly, Russia’s acquisition of ballistic missiles from the DPRK blatantly violates numerous UN Security Council resolutions. We intend to address these arms deals at the UN Security Council alongside our allies, insisting on holding Russia accountable for repeatedly breaching its international obligations,” stated Kirby.

Kirby emphasized the urgency for the US Congress to respond appropriately and provide Ukraine with the necessary resources for self-defense. “Iran and the DPRK are aligning with Russia, and it is crucial for Ukrainians to know that the American people and our government will steadfastly support them,” Kirby expressed.

While acknowledging that international economic pressure has affected Putin’s defense industrial capacity, Kirby highlighted that it hasn’t deterred Putin from attempting to enhance this capacity.

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